Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Fixer

By mere nature I am a fixer. By occupation that is what I do, or at least attempt to do. I like to fix what is broken. In many ways it is like a carpenter who can draw out plans and build a beautiful home or piece of furniture. In another, like a baker who can take recipe (or create their own) and make a delicious creme brulee or crepe. I can take my scene and add things up and help my patient the best possible way I can. I am a fixer.

However, I absolutely loath NOT being able to fix things. My infertility for starters, can't fix it. It is what it is, but I don't know why and I simply can't make it go away. It tears me up not be able to fix what is wrong with me. I can't put a band-aid on it and make it all better. In my own opinion I believe it is made worse because it is perceived as something else......'oh, they don't want kids' ............'they are putting their career first'..............or 'they are waiting till they can afford it'. Then of course brings the ultimate, 'why don't you JUST adopt.' As if it where JUST that easy! There is soooooo much involved for both infertility treatment and adoption.....the physical and emotional roller coaster and then the financial which can affect the physical and the emotional. Hence the roller coaster!

Is it going to be worth all the heartache and the pain? My heart says yes, my mind says I certainly hope so. I cannot foresee the future. The only other question is...Can I Fix It?

Friday, March 6, 2009

10 Year Wedding Anniversary

On February 26, 2009 my wonderful husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding Anniversary! We unfortunately didn't have a whole lot of time or money but we wanted it to be special and memorable. Indeed it was!

Our first night as a couple was spent at a B&B in St. George Utah (we were married in the St.George LDS Temple --photo below)

I thought it would be fitting to spend our 10th anniversary at a B&B. Well, we not only found a wonderful Bed & Breakfast but one that has a very unique and special is also a wolf sanctuary. HOWLER'S INN ( ) in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. It was absolutely fantastic! We cannot say enough about them and we highly recommend them. Chris and Mary-Martha Bahn where excellent hosts and the breakfasts....................where scrumptious!
The wolves; my simple words can not due these majestic animals justice. As much as you stand and watch these animals they in turn are watching you. You can't help but feel they see who and what you are. Hearing the serenade of their howls truly touches the soul.

Our stay at Howler's Inn was truly memorable and we are so glad we found it. What a great find it was! The highlight of course was getting to pet Camanche! He is the wolf pictured directly below.
And of course getting licked by him too! Scott and I have always had a special respect for these magnificent animals, that has only grown deeper due to our stay at Howler's.

Of course there was celebration as we marked our wedding
anniversary in the western room at Howler's.

The picture to the left is a small carrot cake (like our wedding cake) and sparkling cider!
We not only had a wonderful time but it was surely a memorable one as well. And who knows what good omens the wolves might bring us in the years to come!