Monday, April 20, 2009


Losing a dear friend isn't easy. Knowing that he isn't suffering and that he is with a loving Heavenly Father gets all of us through the hard times. As is the wonderful memories that goes with a life well lived. Losing Bill wasn't easy, seeing my father break down was extremely difficult, re-connecting with old friends was wonderful.

IF I can learn anything from my dad and Bill it is that of friendship. Miles and years can distance individuals, however, true bonds can and do last a lifetime.

My wonderful husband wasn't able to come for the first trip. However, he was able to come with me for the services and it allowed us to see some of the beautiful sites around Fruita and Grand Junction Colorado.
These pictures were taken in Colorado's National Monument. The one above is just a view taken from the visitor center. The picture on the right is Independence Rock. Needless to say it was adding to our case of extreme Spring Fever.

And lastly, here is a picture of me. Now you can put a face behind this blog!!

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  1. You are beautiful- and so very soulful! Glad we could all enjoy your pretty face - I'm sorry for your loss and I agree he's in a better place - but those left behind are without a part of their lives and that is never easy.

    I love that you posted photos of the National Monument - we really enjoyed our trip there with the kids and Grands. It is breathtaking!

    Glad you're home safe & sound. Have an enjoyable Spring week and be thankful for the time you knew your friend and how he enriched your life :-)